In today’s world, any extra space within the home, including the garage, is needed to serve a variety of uses. With people being unable to go to their regular places for their daily activities, the garage can be the new place for working, exercising, entertaining, and more. With some creativity, this space can be altered to be used for multiple purposes.

In one instance, the homeowners converted their garage to fulfill their need for additional living space. They created a cool aesthetic by adding warmth, texture and a rustic feel to the space. They covered the walls with wooden boards. They added additional electrical outlets and unique light fixtures. They patched and painted the ceiling and clad an existing beam that ran through the space in steel. Since they still want to store household items, sports equipment, and garden tools in the space, creative storage was needed. They incorporate storage shelves and enclosed in closets that were also covered with the same wooden boards as the rest of the room. A seating area was built in a nook created between the two closets. Rustic shelves were positioned on one side of the nook and the other side held steps that led to a play nook built in above one of the closets. A large glass bi-fold door was used instead of a standard garage door, to bring the outdoors into the space.

With such a special space, what would be the best flooring option? What flooring can go from storing cars and other items to becoming a work or entertainment space. The original concrete floor is just not enough. An epoxy hybrid flooring system provides the long-lasting durability a garage needs, but also provides the beauty and warmth needed for a special livable space. It is beautiful, resists staining, extremely tough, and easy to clean. And, no one can install a high quality floor like the experts at Best In Show Garages. Contact us today to learn more about our flooring system, colors, and other options.