Interlocking Plastic, Vinyl, or Rubber Tiles
Made from heavy-duty plastic or rubber, these colorful squares have interlocking edges that snap together to create a floor that can withstand tough garage conditions. They’re inexpensive, durable, easy to install, and great for hiding cracks and stains in the concrete. Different colors are available to create unique patterns and borders. If a tile is damaged, it’s easy to replace. Most have-anti skid textures to help prevent slips. These tiles naturally break down over time. However, most will last for years.

Roll-Out Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Roll-out flooring is designed to cover your entire garage floor. It is easy to install by simply unrolling it and cutting off the extra. Designed for the harsh environment of a garage, roll-out flooring is low maintenance and covers stains and cracks in the concrete. It is not easy to repair should it stain of tear.

Painting a garage floor is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to improve its look. Be sure to repair any cracks with concrete filler and clean the floor thoroughly. Then prime and paint using materials designed specifically for concrete floors. However, paint is the least durable of all garage flooring options, and you will most likely need to repaint in the near future to keep it looking fresh.

Carpets exist that are specifically designed to hold up to the rigors of a garage. It resists staining and can be power-washed. Liquids and oils can be wiped up. It is easy to install as carpet is made in peel-and-stick square tiles. It allows for designs and patterns that appeal to the designer.

Epoxy Paint
Epoxy floor paint, a paint containing a built-in hardener, is a tough garage floor coating that resists staining, scratching, and marring from chemicals and oil. Applying an epoxy finish is a multi-step process. The concrete must be patched, cleaned, and etched. Then the floor should be sealed with a primer made for concrete. Sometimes, the epoxy coating requires premixing the base product with the hardener. Scatter color chips across the floor’s surface and seal with a clear coat to create a durable, long-lasting floor that resists oil stains and wipes clean easily.

Concrete Sealer
The slight sheen of a concrete sealer might be enough to make a plain gray concrete floor more attractive. The sealer is easy to apply and this garage floor coating will help protect against water, mild chemicals, oil and road salts. It is inexpensive, but will not hide blemishes in the concrete. So, it’s best for floors that are not already stained or cracked. You can choose between a glossy or matte finish.

Concrete Stain
Concrete stain is basically a sealer with color. It can be applied in a thin coat if you want the old floor show through. Stain is inexpensive and a good option if your concrete is in good shape. It’s not so good if your floor is stained or cracked. Stain becomes part of the concrete so it lasts longer than paint and doesn’t chip or scratch easily.

Best In Show Garage Flooring System
There are many options for garage flooring. However, nothing compares to the professional grade flooring system that Best In Show Garage installs. Contact us to learn more about why our system is superior to all other options.