We are all hearing more and more about the lack of housing, and especially affordable housing, in the Charlotte area. The cost of buying a home is skyrocketing and rents are soaring. Young people especially are finding it hard to afford even the cheapest options. That’s why a new option is emerging.

In parts of the US, homeowners are converting their garages to living space and renting it out. Permits for garage conversions have soared in the past few years. In Los Angeles, over the course of a year, requests for permits increased from fewer than 120 to more than 4000.

Besides being a great source of extra income for homeowners, these garage homes can also contribute to the solution of Charlotte’s housing problems. This is a way to house more people without actually building new homes. This can make a big difference in a city where there is not a lot of available space for development, and where the cost of land makes it unprofitable to build lower priced homes.

For the occupant, which is often an adult child or an elderly parent of the homeowner, the cost of rent is usually considerably less than the going rate for other apartments. Another increasing market is the short-term, vacation, Airbnb market; garage conversions are more unique and private than hotels or other rental properties.

The garage experts at Best In Show Garage, can help install a beautiful, long-lasting, epoxy floor that is virtually indestructible, for a garage conversion. Check out our web page to see the attractive colors and texture of our floors. Or contact us to schedule an appointment.