There are many reasons why an epoxy floor coating may fail. Most of those reasons begin at the preparation stage. Properly preparing the surface of your existing garage floor is critical to getting a high-quality new epoxy floor coating. This is something Best In Show Garage focuses on when applying a new floor. We spend a lot of time in cleaning, sanding, grinding, and more to get a good foundation for your new floor coating.

If your concrete garage floor is new, you must make sure the concrete is completely dry. It takes at least 28 days for concrete to be free of moisture. If the concrete isn’t completely dry, the new coating will not adhere as it should. Once dry, the surface is still not completely ready for your new coating; some preparation is still required.

If your current garage floor is not brand new and has cracks, they will need to be repaired. Best In Show Garage uses filler to fill cracks; large cracks are ground to make them even larger first, then filled to assure the crack does not return. If the concrete cracks under your new coating, the coating will most likely also crack.

If the concrete is chalky and soft, it will need to be carefully ground to remove the soft, flaking parts. This is another reason a new floor coating will not adhere properly. Best In Show makes sure to get to a solid base for a strong foundation.

If your existing floor already has a coating of any kind, it will need to be removed. Applying a new coat on top of an old one can lead to problems. Best In Show Garage will grind away any old coating that’s on your garage floor before applying our epoxy flooring.

Your new floor will only look as good and last as long as the surface it’s sitting on. That’s why preparation is the key to a beautiful new garage floor that you will love for years to come. And, it must be done well. Best In Show Garage takes no short cuts in preparing your existing floor.

The garage experts at Best In Show Garage, can help install a beautiful, long-lasting, epoxy floor that is virtually indestructible. Check out our web page to see examples of our work and the attractive colors and textures available. Or contact us to schedule an appointment.