Garage envy is a real thing. In fact, 52% of homeowners say they would like to have a garage their friends and neighbors want. To that goal, we recommend these design trends for 2022. They are simple ideas that can make a big difference in the space and its functionality.

The Color Gray.
Gray is a biggest design trends for garages today. The color is not only sophisticated, it is easy on the eye and great for hiding dust, dirt and other garage debris. It blends effortlessly with other colors and comes in many different shades, perfect for any garage project.

Antimicrobial Epoxy Additives.
To meet today’s antiviral challenges, many materials are supplemented with additives to help inhibit the growth of bacteria. Hard surfaces, like epoxy flooring and cabinet coatings, can now contain antimicrobial properties for fighting germs and mold.

Lots Of Storage Space.
Today there are many types of storage cabinets and wall racks to conceal and organize your garage clutter. There are also overhead storage racks to store your large, bulky storage bins, or long sports equipment, like skis. Keeping items locked away and off the ground is also important to keep pets and children safe from sharp tools and dangerous chemicals.

Carve Out A Work Area.
With the increase in DIY projects, people are finding they have accumulated a large number of tools, nails and screws, and more. An area to store and organize these items makes it easy to find something the next time you need it. Creating a workspace where bins, hooks, and magnetic bars hold tools makes the garage much more usable and inviting. Or maybe the space is a wrapping station, or a crafts cubby. Design a space that works for your family.

Let Best In Show Garage help you with your garage improvement ideas. Our advanced epoxy flooring and large variety of cabinets and storage options can help you create the enviable space you want. Please contact us to schedule an appointment and see what we can do with your garage space.