Deciding what material to use on the interior walls of a part of a house that is not air conditioned can be tricky. Garage walls, for example. If the wall is already finished, chances are that it was finished with drywall. But if you are upgrading the space, you want to make sure that drywall the best option. You may want to transform the look of the room, or getting something that is completely maintenance free may be your motivating factor.

Drywall is not a bad option for garage walls; however, they get beat up pretty easily and in a fairly short period of time. If you decide to remove and replace the drywall, take advantage of the opportunity to add additional blocking for hanging cabinets, shelves and hooks because drywall is not strong enough on its own to hold tools and equipment.

If you do not have finished walls and are now deciding on the material, drywall has some disadvantages. In the installation process, requires two people because it weighs about 50 pounds per sheet, and once it’s hung, it requires taping, mudding and a lot of sanding to make it ready for painting. Drywall cannot be left unpainted as it does not have a finished look.

Wood Walls
Wood walls, such as Plywood or OSB board, are very durable and won’t get easily damaged like drywall. Minor accidents will never show, and wood is strong enough to hang most tools. Wood is a natural sound barrier, and when stained or painted can have a unique warm look.

Plywood is easier to install; It is lighter than drywall and can be installed by a single person. It can be nailed directly to the studs. It also does not require a lot of preparation in the finishing. Plywood however, is not a good material if it can get wet. High humidity levels can cause the plywood to warp. If plywood gets wet, mold and bacteria can grow making it unsafe.

OSB, or oriented strand board, is made of strands of various types of wood pressed together. It is durable, strong, and provides structural support. That makes it a good material for wall panels. The unique texture of OSB can give your garage an interesting, modern, industrial look. Or paint them for cool textured walls.

MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is often used as battens in ‘board and batten’ application. Smooth MDF takes paint beautifully, but cannot be stained. Board and batten is a good option for garage walls and many design variations in its installation can create beautiful walls. MDF is also used in slatwall products. Slatwall panels can be attached directly to studs, drywall, or masonry. The slatwall design provides slats for attaching hooks and shelves.

Metal Panels
Corrugated sheet metal can be an unusual option for a garage but also very appropriate. The reflective shiny look of metal can give your room a “professional garage” look. Metal panels are more expensive than drywall or wood options, but they will hold up very well. The panels can be fastened directly to wall studs.

Whatever the preferred choice of wall material to achieve the desired look and performance, Best In Show Garage can provide the storage cabinets, wall racks, shelves, and overhead storage systems for your garage. We can help you organize your stuff and get it off the garage floor so that you can get the most of the space.

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