Your garage has endless possibilities. Besides parking your car in it or storing all your less often used items, there are many unique ideas that can be implemented in the garage depending on your lifestyle and your family’s needs.

Carving out an area beside the door to the home’s interior for a mudroom can be very beneficial. And it’s easy to achieve – clear out a small area, add some hooks for coats and bags, a bench to sit on when removing muddy boots, a charming container for wet umbrellas, and maybe a row of baskets for hats and gloves. It will become a welcoming area before entering the home.

The garage can become a wonderful play area for kids. Especially if you have a smaller house and need extra space for kids and all their stuff. Generally speaking, the garage has ample space for kids, their toys and crafts. And it’s perfect for children since they can play freely without concern for making a mess in the house. Usually there is a door to the outdoors which is also a plus with kids; they can play outside, get as dirty as they want and come right in to the garage. If a mudroom has been added they can take off all dirty clothes and clean up before entering the house.

The garage can be a perfect play area for adults, as well. Entertaining friends in the garage with its indoor/outdoor features is enjoyable. Open the garage door, set up a huge table for food and drinks, add a few decorations and some string lights, and you have the perfect party. This space can also become a great office, game room, hobby studio, or a workshop. Install a fold down workbench for carpentry, arts and crafts, or gift wrapping. Build it so it can fold up and out of the way when not in use, and down when needed.

Consider adding insulation to the walls of your garage. This may not be easy if the walls in your garage are already finished; but, if possible, it’s a good way to make your garage space more comfortable year-round. Even on those extremely cold mornings, your garage will stay warmer and so will you while getting in and out of the car. In the dead of summer, you can prevent damage to your car due to high temperatures. Having your garage insulated can also lower your electric and gas bills since it will help keep your entire home more comfortable as well.

To make your garage a true year-round room, you can add a mini-split air conditioning system. It will heat the space in the winter and cool it in the summer. Mini-splits are popping up everywhere. People who are adding new rooms during a home renovation are choosing this HVAC option to do the job and save some money. A system like this will also act as dehumidifier, making sure your room is not damp.

To implement any of these ideas, the garage space must be clutter-free and organized. The space will need to be attractive and comfortable. And the floor needs to be more than dingy concrete. An epoxy floor will transform the garage space in a big way. Best In Show Garage can help achieve your goals.

One of our recommendations in making the most of your garage space is to look up and start at the top. Add overhead shelves to store important but seldom used items. Check out the overhead storage system we offer. Work your way down to the walls to where shelving can be installed to give everything in your garage a home. Items that you use often should be placed at eye level or below. Take a look at the garage shelving units, wall racks, slat wall system we offer. And of course, garage cabinets. Treat your garage similar to your kitchen by adding great cabinets. Keep the clutter off the floor and make space for fun activities. Or just make room for your cars. Finally, see why our epoxy coated garage floor system is the best in the market. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.