A couple of the biggest issues facing garages are an inordinate amount of clutter and unattractive, stained and damaged floors. Best In Show Garage are the experts in solving both of these problems. Our various options for cabinets, shelving, wall racks, and overhead storage are perfect for organizing stuff and clearing out the clutter.

But when it comes to fixing ugly floors, that’s where we shine. Garage floors take a lot of abuse. They lose their fresh appearance over time. They stain, crack and chip. Best In Show Garage can not only restore your garage floor, but make it more beautiful and durable than ever before. Our hybrid epoxy flooring system is the best on the market. Our professional grade products, created by the most technologically-advanced coating companies in the country, is leaps and bounds better than the standard epoxy paint that can be bought at the local hardware store.

Our garage floor coating system consists of a 100% solid epoxy base coat with a Polyaspartic top coat. Our product seeps into the concrete and mechanically bonds with it. It is the floor coating system most often used in commercial applications. This flooring system provides:

  • Exceptional durability – won’t stain, chip, or peel
  • Excellent protective qualities – protects against impact, abrasion, and extreme weather
  • UV stability – won’t fade or yellow over time
  • Resistance to chemicals – including oil, gas, salt, and more
  • Beautiful appearance – looks great for many years

In addition, professional application is key. Best In Show does not take any shortcuts in the application of our flooring system. We do the preparation that’s need and follow through with the best application processes. You can rest assured the job will be done right, the first time. Contact Best In Show Garage to learn more about our garage flooring system and our professional application.