One of the top priorities of many homeowners is organizing their garage so that they can park their cars in it. A car is one of the largest investments that most everyone has. And then, that item of great value is often left outdoors where it can be damaged by animals, tress, and the sun. Being able to keep your car inside the garage keeps it cleaner, helps it last longer, and is way more comfortable. However, studies show that 75% of people do not use their garage for parking their car.

The big culprit is stuff! There’s too much stuff packed in the space, sitting on the ground, getting damaged. So, what’s the best process for tackling all the stuff that’s getting in the way?

Set aside a weekend or two to focus on getting your garage cleared out and organized. Make it a family project, or invite a few friends over for some pizza and organizing. That will make it a lot more fun. Go through every single box to make sure there’s nothing of real value in any of them, especially the boxes that have not been opened in a very long time. Lay out four separate tarps on your and start sorting items into the following four piles: 1. Keep, 2. Sell, 3. Donate, and 4. Throw Away.

Things that belong in the ‘Throw Away’ pile should include:

  1. Items that are broken
  2. Any items that are expired
  3. Sentimental things that are just as good in a photo

Things to donate include:

  1. Outgrown toys
  2. Clothes that have not been worn in more than two years
  3. Anything in decent condition that isn’t worth the effort of selling

When you have not used the following in a few years, you can get a decent amount for the following:

  1. Tools and ladders
  2. Sporting equipment
  3. Pictures, shelves, and other décorative items

Things to keep:

  1. Anything you use on a regular basis
  2. Holiday décor items
  3. Yard tool and equipment
  4. Sporting equipment

Never store the following items in the garage:

  1. Propane tanks – store these outdoors; the fumes can ignite causing a fire
  2. Pet food – rodents smell food of any kind and find a way in
  3. Paper goods – roaches and other bugs love paper
  4. If you have a second refrigerator, try to keep it indoors, maybe in a laundry room; it takes more energy to keep it cold in a space that is not air conditioned.

Three safety-related items to make sure you have in your garage are 1. A fire extinguisher, 2. A carbon monoxide detector, and 3. A sensor on your garage door that does not allow it to close if something is in the way.

Now back to organizing – place the ‘Things to keep’ items back in the garage for the time being; they will need more sorting. Once you have gotten rid of the three piles that are not going back into the garage, begin sorting the items that will. Organize items according to their use. Gardening items in one pile, sporting equipment in another, holiday décor in a third, and so on.

Now consider what type of storage units work best for each pile. Tools and gardening items may be best kept on wall racks . There they can be on display and easily found. Holiday décor may be best in overhead storage units, where they are out of the way until needed. Cleaning supplies and chemicals are probably best stored in garage storage cabinets where they can be closed off.

Make a plan. Do your research and find the best storage units for your items. Best In Show Garage can help. We can assist in identifying the best options for your space and needs. We offer the highest quality garage storage systems. Contact us today to learn more.