Is the space near the ceiling of your garage going to waste? Most people who have a garage use it as much for storing household items as they do for storing their cars. In fact, a poll taken of Americans said that 20% were completely unable to park in their garage; and 47% said they had problems when trying to park there.

Most of the time, however, it’s not a lack of space that’s a problem, but also a lack of organization. There are many products on the market that can help you get the garage under control, and Best In Show Garage provides many of the best products. One of our chosen offerings are overhead storage racks. Overhead racks hang high above the fray near the ceiling. Many times, the floor space has already been used up, so the ceiling area is a great place to consider.

Our industrial-grade ceiling racks are strong, tough, and can hold up to 750-1000 lbs. Maximize the space above your car and organize the room that 50% of people admit is the most disorganized space of their house.

Contact Best In Show Garage to learn more about our overhead storage systems and other amazing options to make over your garage. We offer the best lines in storage, including cabinets, wall racks and shelving. Additionally, we provide the best garage flooring in the industry. And our installers are second to none.