We‘ve all heard that we should use an epoxy product when coating concrete, but what is really the difference and what is actually the best? First, let’s discuss the difference between normal paint and epoxy paint. Normal paint is made up of three main components:

  1. Pigments add color – they are similar to dyes.
  2. Binders or resins make the paint stick to the surface, and they make the color stay on the surface without fading.
  3. Solvents thin the paint and keep it from becoming solid – the solvent evaporates once the paint is on the surface leaving the other components to do their job.

However, there is a fourth component to paints. During the manufacturing process, additives are mixed in to paints to achieve certain capabilities. For example, an additive may be added to make the paint more durable, easier to clean, less likely to splatter, etc.

Epoxy Resins Make Epoxy Paint

One of the binders or resins used in manufacturing paint is epoxy polymers. This resin is often used in paints because it is considered to be the most reliable. Epoxy polymers provide tough mechanical properties, good chemical resistance, and strong adhesion.

Compared to other resins, epoxy polymers provide the following benefits:

  • Strongest adhesion
  • Impact resistance
  • Withstand chemicals and heat better
  • Last longer
  • Won’t shrink or crack

It’s easy to see that epoxy paint is better than regular paint for applications that require the paint to adhere better. For example, an area that gets heavy traffic on it, such as a garage floor, should be coated with epoxy paint at the very least. However, taking it a step further is an even better idea – epoxy coating.

What’s the Difference Between Epoxy Paint and Epoxy Coating

Epoxy paint sits between regular paint and epoxy coating. Although epoxy paint is fine for many applications, an epoxy coating will contain 100% solid epoxy and will provide the highest level of durability. Epoxy paint may be more cost-effective in the short run, but it will not have the protection of epoxy coating. Epoxy coating is superior to epoxy paint however, it is much harder to apply.

Best In Show Garage Uses Superior Products On Your Garage Floor

Now that we have discussed the differences between normal paint, epoxy paint and epoxy coating, let’s look at what Best In Show Garage uses when coating your garage floor. Our hybrid flooring system is a combination of 100% solid epoxy base coat with a Polyaspartic top coat. The flooring system we use is the one most often used in commercial applications. The finish increases the strength of the concrete by up to 10x.

We believe our system is the best on the market. We do not use an epoxy paint product that will not bind well to your concrete. Our coating system will not peel, chip, or stain. Our Polyaspartic top coat is a coating technology that performs better than other urethane coatings in protecting surfaces in harsher weather and against impact. Contact us today to learn more about our garage floor capabilities and get started in making your garage the best it can be.