Everyone is familiar with epoxy flooring for their garage. But the benefits that make it such a good product for a garage are the same reasons epoxy is the perfect surface for an industrial facility. Especially, when the epoxy product is industrial grade, and it is professionally applied.

Many industrial floors are concrete. Concrete is certainly strong, but not very attractive. It’s drab and stains easily making it even unsightly. If a more visually appealing floor is desired, a company may consider vinyl, linoleum, or tile. An option that is also available and not always top-of-mind, is epoxy. Epoxy creates a professional attractive surface that turns a dull colorless space into a vibrant area that positively affects employees and impresses visitors.

Long-Lasting & Practical – epoxy coating on concrete flooring is extremely durable, resisting staining, wear, and damage.

Perform Well In Harsh Environments – tough enough to endure high and extremely heavy traffic, high and low temperatures, and all types of chemicals, without being damaged.

Cost-Effective – incredibly strong and durable, epoxy flooring is incredibly cost-effective, costing less than the options mentioned above – many of which are considered “inexpensive”.

Exceptionally Easy To Maintain – epoxy is easy to clean and only requires simple sweeping or mopping; however, it is also capable of withstanding heavy-duty cleaning equipment and detergents that might be used in industrial spaces.

Visually Appealing – beautiful is an apt description of epoxy floors. Epoxy flooring comes in a wide variety of colors to match the company personality or to add interest; additionally, specks are often added to enhance the aesthetic. And because they are usually shiny and bright, they reflect the available light and brighten the space in which they are installed.

Protects the Flooring Below – epoxy coatings protect the concrete below, adding strength that resists cracking and staining.

Promotes Safety – epoxy flooring can add texture and traction that assist in preventing slipping and skidding.

Choosing the best flooring for an industrial environment may not be the same as choosing one for your home or garage; however, the benefits of professionally-applied epoxy flooring are undeniable in either setting. Best In Show is one of the top epoxy flooring installation companies in the region, using only the best industrial-grade products. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your company enhance your facility with a beautiful durable epoxy floor.