Multiple variables can cause concrete garage floors to crack. The leading causes include moisture, extreme temperatures, and too much weight for extended periods of time. Some cracking is the result of issues during the initial pouring of the concrete. If the concrete dries too quickly after it is poured, cracking can occur. If the soil underneath the concrete was not properly compacted, it can shift. This shifting can cause pockets of air or water to form under the floor. Any of this can of course cause cracks to form.

Whatever the reason, when cracks occur, we want them fixed. Besides being an eyesore, cracks can spread and further damage the concrete. If the cracks widen, the steel rebar can rust, further weakening the concrete. The chance for mold is present if moisture is able penetrate and remain in the concrete. As everyone knows, mold presents health concerns if not removed.

Best In Show Garage always addresses and fixes any cracks in your concrete floor before applying our professional-grade epoxy flooring. We take great care in making sure the cracks in your concrete are handled properly so they do not reappear. After we clean your floor thoroughly, we make sure to remove any loose concrete pieces that remain. We fill all cracks with semi-rigid polyurea. Polyurea is one of the most durable and tough materials known to man. For this reason, it is generally used in industrial and commercial settings. It is flexible and strong, can withstand heavy traffic and impact, and offers superior UV resistance. Once we apply the polyurea and it has cured, we grind your floor to smooth out the patch.

Only after properly repairing all cracks in your garage floor, can we proceed to applying our beautiful and durable epoxy coating. Once completed, your garage floor will last a lifetime. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to discussing possibilities for your garage floor.