Some of the latest garage design trends for 2024 start with the garage door and continue to the garage floor. Now that we are well into the year, we can see that when it comes to garages, people are displaying their unique style starting with the door. A garage door can make or break the curb appeal of the entire home. The styles that homeowners are running to for their garage door is similar to other parts of their home. Let’s take a look:

Custom Designs – customizing the garage door with personalized panel designs and window shapes make a garage door unique to the home and the homeowner.

Modern designs – sleek styles and clean lines are still very popular this year, especially with more contemporary architectural elements.

Bold colors – it’s not only white or brown when it comes to the garage door anymore; vibrant colors adds a unique touch to a home’s exterior – think deep blues, rich greens, and of course black.

Subtle textures and finishes – wood grain is always in style for garage doors, but now so is frosted glass and metal accents. These items add interest and complexity to the look.

The right garage door will not only add sophistication to a modern home, it can also elevate a traditional home design.

Adding Character To Your Garage Floor

The same ideas mentioned above are making their way to the garage floor. Especially in the color arena. People are choosing vibrant and bold colors for their epoxy flooring – deep blues and bright greens are making their way inside. Making the space suit the homeowner’s aesthetic is what makes these projects exciting.

And as always, textures are popular with the special epoxy floor flake system that is often used on garage flooring. Make sure to look at the latest options in textures and flakes offered by the professionals. At Best In Show Garage, we offer a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. Contact us and start a conversation about how we can help you make your garage exactly what you are dreaming of.