Epoxy flooring is the standard for floor coatings in commercial applications because of their durability, visual appeal, and low maintenance. It’s perfect for large areas and when applied over concrete creates a smooth surface that will last for years.

These are also the reasons epoxy flooring systems are excellent for homes. Most homeowners install epoxy flooring in their garage and it’s perfect for that. But there are many other areas in a home where this type of practically indestructible flooring can be very beneficial.

Durability Is Perfect For Basements

Basements tend to be high in humidity and moisture. Installing a floor that is waterproof and acts as a barrier that locks out water and prevents damage is a smart idea. Whether you want to create additional living space, a comfortable playroom for kids, a place for messy crafts, or a clean organized storage area, epoxy is a suitable and durable surface for the floor. It can handle anything thrown at it – spills, dirt, chemicals, and more – with unmatched ease of cleaning. And with so many options for colors and textures, a homeowner can personalize the floor to their personal style.

Waterproof Surfaces For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are small, enclosed spaces with a lot of water. Moisture, steam, and humidity from showers especially can cause water damage, mold, and mildew.

Epoxy surfaces in a bathroom create a moisture-resistant barrier that will protect the space from moisture damage. Not only can epoxy be applied to floors, but can also be considered for baseboards, walls and showers. Epoxy will keep your bathroom looking sparkling and new.

Slip-Free Surface For Pool Houses Or Decks

Besides all the water-resistant benefits of epoxy flooring presented above, many systems are textured to provide a slip-free surface. This beautiful, durable material will provide the perfect floor for many uses, that’s also safe. And don’t forget the mold and mildew features of epoxy flooring.

Antimicrobial Properties For Saunas and Steam Rooms

Due to the combination of heat and water in saunas and steam rooms, they can become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus, and mold. Being non-porous, epoxy coatings become a microbial barrier making it perfect for surfaces in these kinds of rooms. Epoxy surfaces are also very easy to clean and disinfect. As mentioned in the above paragraph about bathrooms, epoxy can be used on floors and walls. The coating can withstand the high temperatures present in these heated environments. And for public saunas or steam rooms that get a lot of traffic, it’s an extremely durable long-lasting surface.

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