It seems as though when buying a home, it’s mostly about what the woman wants. The kitchen has to be just right, the tile and cabinets must be appealing, and the finishing touches have to be perfect. But appealing to the male in the scenario can be very good for the bottom line. And enhancing the garage is the best way to do that. It’s the room with which most men connect and is thought of as ‘his’. Giving it little to no attention misses a big opportunity.

Best In Show Garage recommends a beautiful hybrid epoxy floor that not only beautify the room but protect it from staining and wear. We also suggest storage cabinets, slats and shelves. There are many options that allow the man in the family to envision himself utilizing the space. He can see how his tools, sporting equipment and other stuff will fit. A 2019 survey showed that homeowners ranked garage storage #5 of 175 home features for importance in their home purchase decision. Builders and home sellers that install storage systems in the garage increase the home’s value by thousands of dollars.

Women have their upgraded closets and intricate cabinetry. The garage is the space where the men can have their oasis. It’s one of the main parts of a house that men get really excited about. Upgrading garage space increases the resale value of a home. It appeals to the male buyers and makes the home stand out from the competition.