1. There’s no room for my car! My garage is so full of yard tools, sporting equipment, bikes, ladders, car parts, household items, scrap books, and holiday stuff that I can’t get another thing in it.

Garage shelving is a great solution for this problem. Best in Show Garage shelf systems are strong, safe, durable and versatile – you can add hooks and hangers to store all the items you have. And our shelves are made in America.

2. There’s just enough room for my car, but I can barely open the doors. There’s way too much stuff laying on the floor and stacked around the sides of my garage. I’m scratching and denting my car doors.

Shelves in a garage can be hung high enough to allow space for a car, and enough space for the doors to open comfortably. Best in Show Garage shelf design features diagonal supports that go UP the wall, not down like is usually seen. This means the shelf is out of the way. No worries about opening doors or bumping your head when walking under.

3. My garage is so cluttered, it looks awful and stresses me out. Stuff is everywhere with no organization. Not only can I not find anything, but it’s an eye sore.

Not only are our shelves attractive, available in white or brushed aluminum, but they are offered in two sizes that are the perfect depth for storage containers. The 20-3/16” depth shelf is just right for smaller boxes and the 33-11/16” depth is designed to hold 30-35 gallon stackable storage containers.

4. My old shelves are bowing and breaking. I’m worried that everything will come tumbling down pretty soon.

Garage items are heavy. Cheap particle board shelves are not meant to hold the weight of many items stored in the garage. Best in Show Garage offers the strongest shelving system available. Shelves are made from solid wood and the brackets are made of the same aerospace aluminum alloy that is used in the wings of an F-16 fighter jet. Shelves are able to hold 650 lbs.

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