Gone are the days in which everyone has the same bland garage with concrete floors and white walls. Many homeowners are now choosing to express themselves with color – and often bold color. The colors homeowners are choosing may match the rest of the home design, or it may be the space where they express their unique style and have some fun.

There are so many beautiful and unique colors for storage cabinets. Take a look at Best In Show’s garage storage cabinet colors. In addition to the basic neutral colors, you will find a brilliant red, an intense blue, a bright yellow, a magnificent burgundy, and a vibrant orange. What an exciting pop of color these cabinets can add to a space whose décor is often overlooked.

The same goes for the garage floor. That too can make a statement. Although the colors are more subtle, simply having a hybrid epoxy floor adds beauty and makes a decorative statement. The grays and taupes with specks of various colors blend beautifully with the colors of our cabinets. And not only does our flooring transform an ordinary concrete floor, it adds durability and stain resistance to it as well.