Garage cabinets are no good if they cannot handle the harsh garage environment. They must be able to handle blistering heat, frigid cold, and high humidity. In addition, they must be able to handle everything that we humans throw at them… or spill on them.

The cabinets we install at Best In Show Garage are specifically made to stand up to garage conditions. Our materials and manufacturing processes are the best in the industry. And our cabinets are made to last with exteriors that are powder coated.

Powder Coating
Powder coating creates a durable, smooth, flawless finish that performs even better than plastic, paint or laminate in resisting chipping, denting, peeling or warping. Powder coating uses an electrostatic process and curing method to adhere a dry powder to a surface. The dry powder consists of several ingredients include a polymer resin and additives for improving flow and curing, and adding coloring. An electrostatic charge holds the coating onto the surface, which is then cured to create a strong and beautiful finish.

Types of Powder Coating
There are two different types of powder coatings based on different curing methods that result in different properties – they are thermoset and thermoplastic.

Thermoset powder coatings are chemically altered during the curing phase. The structure cross-links to form a different chemical composition than the base resin. When heated, thermoset coatings melt and flow. But once cured, the changes are permanent and the coating will not remelt, even under intense temperatures.

During the electrostatic application, the powder is inert until the particles pass through the spray gun.
The guns have an electrode fitting that adds an electrical charge to the powder particles. When sprayed onto the surface, the particles stick to it. The particles then melt and solidify into a dense coating during the curing process.

Thermoplastic coatings also melt and flow when heated, however, their chemical composition does not change. The thermoplastic process does not require the curing cycle and can remelt when subjected to high temperatures.

During the thermoplastic process, the surface is heated first and submerged into a fluid bed of powder coating. The melted coating evenly covers the surface.

Thermoset vs Thermoplastic
When compared, these two types of powder coatings have different properties and characteristics. Thermoset provides better scratch resistance and because it is a thinner film, it tends to be more visually appealing than thermoplastic. Thermoset, when applied in thick layers, however, can become brittle and may crack.

Thermoplastic powder application requires a much thicker coat than thermoset; therefore, does not result in as nice of a visual appearance as thermoset. However, thermoplastic coatings provide better resistance to impacts on the finished surface.

Your garage cabinets from Best In Show Garage will continue to look good years down the road and a main reason for the is their powder coated exteriors. The strength of powder coating protects your cabinets from staining, chipping, fading and damage due to household chemicals. Maintenance is as simple as wiping them down with soapy water.

Contact Best In Show Garage to learn more about our cabinets that are designed and built specifically for the garage environment. And with a wide variety of color choices, they will fit into your décor and look amazing in your garage for many years to come.