Most people are not proud of their garage. In fact, a large percentage say they are embarrassed to let their neighbors or friends see it. The clutter and disorganization can be discouraging.

Remodeling and organizing your garage do not need to be daunting. A few changes can make a huge difference. Well-placed and useful garage storage systems, combined with time devoted to weeding through items can solve the problem of clutter. Upgrading the concrete floor can have a huge impact on the appearance and durability of the space. Painting the walls and adding some beautiful accessories can make the room more appealing and personal.

Get inspired to update your garage with the following trends:

1) The BEHR® 2022 Color of the Year, Breezeway MQ3-21, is a cool silvery green color. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is October Mist. It is a gently shaded sage. And, Sherwin Williams’ color this year is Evergreen Fog, again, a cool and calming gray-green. All of these colors are similar; they are subtle shades of green that evoke peace and tranquility while exuding a desire for the unique.

Consider painting the walls in your garage one of these colors. Add cabinets that coordinate with this beautiful color; for example, install a set of Best In Show Garage’s cabinets in a shade of gray – maybe white, pewter, or even black would be stunning. Finish off with an epoxy garage floor, in one of the following colors: Creek Bed, Shoreline, or Summer Day.

2) Ample storage space in the garage is the answer to so many questions. When you think of storage, cabinets are usually the first to come to mind. However, there are so many other options that can be extremely beneficial. And beautiful. (We believe that an organized space is beautiful.)

Review all the garage storage options Best In Show offers. There are so many excellent systems, one, or a combination of systems, is sure to solve the clutter issue. For example, our cabinets can be arranged in a multitude of configurations based on your space and needs. Wall racks, shelves and overhead storage are also excellent options.

3) Create a workspace, or two, that’s truly useful. Consider positioning shelving or a slat wall above a butcher block counter for tools, bins for nails and screws, bits and such. Imagine a place where all your craft or gift-wrapping accessories can be all in one place above a counter that can be used for working. Or envision a space to hang your rain coat and leave your wet boots, with surface to lay down items before entering the home. The possibilities for a workspace are endless.

4) Make room for the car. Most people don’t want their garage to be only a storage unit; they want to be able to park their car in it. This isn’t actually a trend, it’s just common sense. Implementing some of the above suggestions will make that possible. The amount of clutter that is in your garage determines whether you can park your car there or if you have to leave it in the driveway where it’s exposed to critters and weather conditions. Incorporate storage solutions and regain the space for its intended purpose.

Contact Best In Show Garage for help in improving your garage by incorporating the above suggestions. Our epoxy flooring system is second to none. And the color options are stunning. Our cabinets and other storage systems are proven to be of the highest quality and durability. We love working with homeowners to make their garage ideal. Get started today.