One of the main problems with finished basements is the excess moisture that’s often present. It can cause damage to the space, and can even cause damage to the entire home. Water and mold can affect the foundation and walls of your house if left unresolved. Doing whatever possible to minimize the effects of moisture is nothing but smart.

Epoxy flooring has been regularly used in garage flooring; a big reason for this is that it solves the moisture problem that is also often present in garages. Maybe you have never considered coating your basement floor with an epoxy, but it’s a good idea to do so. Epoxy floors protect the concrete underneath and is resistant to mold, easy to clean, and beautiful.

Why putting epoxy on your basement floor is a good idea:

It Is Beautiful – Although epoxy flooring has all the benefits mentioned above, probably the most appealing reason to install one is its appearance. Even with the greatest of benefits, if the flooring was not attractive, no one would want to add it to their home. However, with a wide variety of colors and textures, epoxy flooring is stunning. It has a clean updated look that can be customized to fit your aesthetic and décor.

It Is Waterproof And Resistant To Mold – Having a water and mold resistant material on the floors of a basement is extremely smart. It can prevent damage to the framing, walls, and foundation. But that’s not all, it also will prevent spills or leaks from seeping into the sub-floor of the basement. The liquid sits on top of the surface and can easily be wiped up with no problem.

It Is Resistant To Bacteria And Germs – We all have a new-found respect for germs with all we have endured over the past few years. Epoxy flooring is resistant to germs and bacteria, which adds an extra level of protection to the materials in the space, as well as the people living in it.

It Is Easy To Clean – It is so easy to simply wipe up or vacuum any dirt, grime, or liquid that ends up on an epoxy floor. The coating provides a smooth surface that resists staining, allowing it to look good for a very long time. And besides a quick cleaning when needed, there is no additional maintenance.

It Is Strong And Lasts A Long Time – Finished basements probably take the most abuse of any other room in the house besides the garage. So, durability is a much-wanted feature when it comes to the flooring. Epoxy flooring offers just that. And if in the future, should you decide you want a different flooring, no need to remove the epoxy coating, simply place the new flooring right on top and continue to get the many benefits of the epoxy in your basement.

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