At Best In Show, we help design and install work stations in garage spaces. In doing this, we offer two types of countertops:

  • Durable 1-1/4 beautiful maple butcher block, and
  • Impact Coated

For this article, we are going to discuss our Impact Coated countertops. When maximum strength and extreme durability is needed, our Impact Coated countertops are the answer.

Impact Coatings combine polyurethane and polyurea, the material used on truck beds, to create an impact, chemical and water-resistant work surface. This countertop can take a beating and not dent or scratch. This is a work surface that can actually handle the high impact work you do. It will maintain its integrity and keep looking great. It’s an industrial strength surface that can handle gasoline, oil or any other household chemical thrown at it. It resists water and it’s skid-resistant too.

To emphasize the durability of this coating, note the many industries and applications it is used in. As mentioned above this coating is used in coating bed-liners in trucks. It is also used in marine applications because of its impact absorbing and water-resistant properties. It’s used to protect concrete; for example, in coating driveways and foundations. In agricultural and industrial applications, this same coating is used to protect equipment and structures against corrosion and moisture. And best of all, in military applications, similar materials are used to minimize property damage due to blasts. So, you can easily see, the characteristics of this material makes it a perfect coating for the work surface you need.

You get all of these benefits from an extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free surface. In fact, no in-depth maintenance is required – only a cleaning once in a while. And, it’s good to know that our Impact Coating is 100% solvent free and environmentally responsible. Contact Best In Show Garage and learn more about or Impact Coating countertops. We can help you design the work space of your dreams.