This morning, I was entering a sweepstakes that gave away a big beautiful home. While looking at this brand-new impressive house, the room that struck me the most was surprisingly, the garage. I guess that’s partly because of my job, but mostly by the attention that was given to it. This garage is set up to do a lot.

First of all, it is beautiful. The walls are finished and painted a soothing gray with black and white accents. The floor is stunning. It, of course is coated with a beautiful gray finish, which makes the entire space clean and complete. But there’s more.

There’s plenty of room for the car, but the surrounding walls and spaces are being used to their fullest. Shelving on one wall holds the most attractive elements that are being stored – baskets, planters, storage containers. Since items on shelves are openly visible, having attractive items on them makes for a pleasing view. Less attractive items can be stored in cabinets, where they are not seen.

Nearby a gardening center is setup using drawers, shelves, pegboard, hooks, and a work surface. Gardening aprons are hanging on hooks, water cans and pots are on the shelves, gardening tools are stored in the drawers until needed. And the work surface is where all the beautiful plants and flowers are planted.

Hooks on a different wall hold sporting equipment. And nearby is an exercise station. In previous blog posts, we talked about this concept appearing in many garages. Work-out equipment in the garage is an excellent way to put extra space to use. Nearby the equipment is a small bench and table to throw a towel onto or place a drink down, while working out.

In a nook, a vintage mint-colored refrigerator graces the corner along with more hooks and shelves for storage of additional items. Here, pet essentials are stored, as well as office and craft accessories. This is also a space for muddy boots that should not enter the home. Hooks next to the door leading into the house are hung to hold coats, jackets, and scarves.

Best In Show Garage is able to help make your garage just like the one I am describing. We can help set up stations to meet the needs of you and your family, while creating a beautiful room. Our epoxy floor coatings are commercial grade and the best in the industry – long-lasting and beautiful. Same with our garage storage cabinets. We can set up a slat wall for sporting equipment storage or for other tools. We can help incorporate various work stations using our cabinets and built-in work surfaces; for example, a gardening center or a gift-wrapping alcove. An entryway nook is a perfect addition next to the door leading to the home.

The ideas for a useful, spectacular garage are endless. We can help you design the right spaces for you. Contact Best In Show Garage to start your garage makeover.