In 2017, a garage makeover was one of the most popular home improvement projects; And the trend does not seem to be slowing down. The garage, overlooked in the past, has taken front stage as the “final frontier” for home renovators. Today, homeowners realize there are many reasons that this space is worth the upgrade.

1) An Upgraded Garage Improves the Home’s Functionality and Maximizes Space.
Without a garage makeover, most garages are unappealing and drab. Then add in the clutter that always ends up in the garage and you have a large mess. Best In Show Garage can add custom storage units to increase the storage space and make it usable. From cabinets to wall racks to overhead storage units, your garage can be one of the most usable spaces in your home.

2) An Updated Garage Increases the Home’s Value
A clean organized garage that is also visually appealing is a sought-after commodity when purchasing a home. Best In Show Garage offers numerous solutions to improve the functionality and aesthetic of this large and valuable space in a home. A great selling point for home sellers.

3) A Cared-For Vehicle Deserves A Storage Space That’s Equally Appealing
Owners of high-end or classic automobiles are especially attracted to the upgraded garage trend; but they aren’t the only ones. The popularity of garage makeovers means that all sorts of vehicle enthusiasts are interested.

4) Why have a beautiful auto or motorcycle stored in a dingy, unorganized space?
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