It’s easy to organize all your equipment and tools that get dumped in your garage. One of our favorite organizing products is our slatwall system. With this type of system, your items are hanging in plain sight, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need, when you need it. At Best In Show Garage, we chose the HandiWALL brand slatwall system because of its many benefits.

The Base Panel
Flexible – The system is extremely flexible and allows you to design a layout that works best for your stuff. The base panel – the part that attaches to the wall – comes in four- or eight -foot panels. The panels can easily be cut to fit a smaller sized area… or panels can be combined for larger areas. And, they are easy to install, but not to worry, Best In Show will install the system just the way you want it.

Strong and durable – The HandiWALL system is extremely strong and long-lasting. The base panel is made of cellular PVC, which is a flexible, durable material.

Scratch and water resistant – Due to the PVC, the base panel is scratchproof and water-resistant. In the garage, it is difficult to keep items looking new. The amount of traffic and close-quarters in most garages, makes keeping scratches and dents from happening not an easy task. The PVC material is excellent at keeping those to a minimum. Hopefully, you will never have a flood in your garage, but in the summer some garages are extremely humid and hot. The PVC material can handle this climate well.

Beautiful – The HandiWALL system is available in white, taupe, gray, maple wood grain and black. And the details are well thought-out with color-coordinated installation screws and trim.

The Slatwall Accessories
Along with the HandiWALL base panels, Best In Show offers accessories that are designed to easily secure to the base panels. These accessories are the parts that actually hold and organize all your stuff. From hooks and shelves to bins and racks, they can be arranged in any layout to suit your individual storage needs. Consider the items you want to store and find the best group of accessories to achieve that goal.

Get stuff off the garage floor. Organize items that you use often and free up valuable space. Contact Best In Show Garage and get started designing the storage layout that will work best for you.