Applying epoxy flooring can be a tricky process. If not done right, problems ensue. Professional installers know what’s required to create a beautiful garage floor that is long-lasting.

They know that the first step for a successful garage floor coating is preparation. If the floors are not completely clean and free from oils or old coatings, the new flooring will not bond to the concrete. Or if debris ends up under the new coating, it will cause bubbling and peeling.

A professional installer will know when the concrete is too soft and chalky, or too smooth. They know they need a surface that is able to accept and adhere to the new coatings. They know just how much grinding will need to be done to remove the old layers or rough up the surface, and the perfect amount of grinding that needs to be done.

An epoxy floor expert will know that a new coating will not adhere to wet or new concrete. Wet concrete will need 24 hours, while newly laid concrete will need 28 days before anything can be successfully applied to it.

Investing in a new beautiful epoxy coating for your garage floor is worthwhile. But when not done properly, problems can occur and your garage floor can look worse than ever. Don’t risk getting bubbles or craters, or even peeling of your new flooring. Working with the right professional epoxy installers assures you will spend your money wisely and provide you with a beautiful garage floor that will resists stains, chips, and peeling and will last for years.

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