Multiple surveys have been conducted over the years about the importance of a garage when it comes to real estate values. Groups, such as the Home Builders’ Association, firms that specialize in real estate investment, and survey companies such as Braun and Impulse have released results that present the value of a useable, appealing garage when selling or buying a home.

Review the interesting points below that have been revealed by the surveys:

  • When purchasing a home, 80% of buyers factor in the garage when making their decision.

That simple fact shows the importance of making sure your garage is in tip-top shape when considering the sale of your home.

  • 82% of the realtors surveyed said that a garage that’s disorganized has a negative impact on the first impression of anyone looking at potential homes.

It’s safe to assume the reverse is also true – an organized useful garage will have a positive impact on a homebuyer.

  • 90% of realtors believe anyone buying a home wants their garage to provide more functionality than just parking vehicles.

We all know that providing a place to park your car is not the only function of a garage. There are so many more uses for that space – storage, of course being a close second. And past that, it is often used as a workshop, drop zone, etc.

  • 75% of homeowners believe having a garage is “extremely or very important”.

Sometimes, it is not an option whether to have a garage or not. However, knowing that it is such an important feature, any homeowner considering selling their home should take the state of their garage seriously.

  • A survey of realtors reveals that garages ranked higher as a desirable storage space for homebuyers than basements or attics.

It is very easy to store items that are used on a regular basis in a garage where they can be seen and retrieved quickly and without much headache. Attics are great for Christmas decorations that are only used once per year, and basements are okay when you get past the cobwebs. But garages are the most desirable, as presented in the stat above.

  • 79% of realtors surveyed agreed that garages deserve as much attention as any other space in the home when it comes to organization. 88% believe that maintaining an organized garage reflects an owner’s pride in their home.

More than having a safe place to store your car or your valuable items, a garage that is organized and appealing reflects the owner’s care for their home overall. This is important to the impression made on a buyer. They get the feeling that should they purchase your home, they will not be faced with a bunch of unwanted surprises.

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