Most garage floors are made of concrete… and concrete cracks. So, it is not uncommon for a garage floor to get cracks over time. But is that something to be concerned about? Most of the time, cracks in your garage floor do not mean there are major issues; most often it is simply a result of age and harmless settling.

Cracks in the concrete of your garage floor could have been a result of the initial construction process – weather conditions during installation can be a large factor in cracking down the road. Other contributing factors include the materials used, the way it was poured, the flatness of the floor, and whether there is underground moisture in the area. Current conditions can also cause cracking; for instance, frozen soil or tree roots growing underneath will shift the concrete and break it.

Don’t Confuse A Crack And A Control Joint?
Contractors often cut grooves into a concrete slab to control cracking. These cuts are called control joints or contraction joints. They introduce weak spots in the slab so that if the concrete cracks it will crack in that specific area. Since these cracks are along a straight line and not jagged across the floor, they are not unsightly and generally not very noticeable.

When To Fix Cracks In Your Concrete Garage Floor
More often than not, having cracks in the concrete of your garage floor is nothing to worry about. However, you may want to have them fixed simply because they are not attractive. And, in some instances, it’s in your best interest to fix a crack before it becomes a bigger problem. If you have a considerable number of cracks, if a crack is wide and deep, or if it’s uneven on either side, you should have those cracks checked out by a professional. Also, if you see a crack run through the concrete and up a wall, that’s a sign of a bigger issue.

Repairing Cracks Before Installing an Epoxy Floor
Fixing cracks in the concrete is critical to getting an epoxy floor that is beautiful, durable and long-lasting. That’s why, at Best In Show Garage, we place heavy attention to surface preparation. That includes repairing cracks. Our hybrid flooring system is the best in the industry, used in many commercial applications. Contact us today to learn more about our expert installation and products.