Epoxy is an exceptional flooring coating providing many advantages for commercial and industrial facilities. Normally applied over concrete, professional epoxy floors provide a beautiful, high-performance, and durable surface that can last many years and withstand heavy traffic and loads. Many developers and owners of commercial buildings and industrial sites choose to install epoxy floors in order to create and maintain a clean and safe environment for customers, workers, and products. Epoxy coatings offer many advantages when compared to other traditional coatings – advantages that are extremely beneficial in commercial and industrial applications:

  • Creates an attractive surface that significantly improves the aesthetic of the facility
  • Offers a long-lasting durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic
  • Is easy to clean and remains looking fresh and new
  • Resists staining, yellowing, chipping and peeling
  • Creates a seamless surface that can last many years
  • Is available in many color options with beautiful colored flakes that improve the beauty and performance of the floor

Before applying an epoxy floor coating, it is important to patch and repair all major cracks and chips in the concrete surface and to remove all grease. At Best In Show Garage, we spend a large percentage of our installation time preparing the surface to which the epoxy will be applied. We make sure it is thoroughly repaired, cleaned and prepped before applying the epoxy coating. If the concrete is new, it must be fully cured. If the concrete is old, it’s important to test the surface for previous layers of epoxy or other products that might have been applied over the years. Epoxy coatings require a slightly porous surface to adhere properly. That’s why, new epoxy should not be applied directly on top of old epoxy. Best In Show Garage knows how to properly prepare existing floors to accept the new coating.

At Best In Show Garage, the flooring system we use is the one most often used in commercial applications. The finish increases the strength of the concrete by up to 10x. Our hybrid multi-coat resinous system consists of a combination of 100% solid epoxy base coat with a Polyaspartic top coat. This system is not an epoxy “paint” product, like you would find at a hardware store. Our product seeps into the concrete and mechanically bonds with it. Our top coat, Polyaspartic is a relatively new coating technology that performs better than other urethane coating in protecting surfaces.

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