Installing epoxy flooring in the winter can be a bit challenging since it is essential to maintain the right temperature during mixing and application. However, there are also many benefits to having epoxy flooring installed in the winter months.

  • Quick Turnaround: People do not think about the work they want to have done in their garage in the winter, preferring to wait for warmer weather. However, that is exactly why you should strongly consider it. Professional epoxy floor installers are less busy during the winter. This translates to shorter lead times.
  • Temperature and Moisture Conditions: Colder weather can actually work in your favor, especially in the mild winter temperatures in our area. Epoxy flooring adheres well in lower temperatures. Plus, the reduced humidity minimizes the risk of moisture-related issues during installation.
  • Less Odor: Epoxy emits less odor in colder conditions, making it more comfortable for both homeowners and installers.

Although winter is an opportune time to install epoxy floors in your garage, garage floors, porches, showroom floors, patios & basements, you will want to work with a professional company to install them due to the challenges that can present themselves with the colder temperatures. Contact us and learn more about our epoxy flooring system and explore your options this winter.